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Astipalaia island

Looking at the island of Astipalaia from above, it resembles to a butterfly appreciating a flight over the Aegean’s blue. As soon as you arrive in Astipalaia, this butterfly is willing and able to take you with it, to the most beautiful journey you have ever had.

The “butterfly of the Aegean archipelago” loves simplicity and tranquility. It is harmonious and colorful and it will engage you to a brilliant and experiential voyage that will delight your soul. After all, for the past few centuries it has been doing so successfully, for each and every visitor that has set foot on its glorious land.

Our philosophy

The luxury Villa complex, Melograno, places its eclectic guests at the epicenter of care and attention. Their need for absolute relaxation and the creation of a memorable holiday is our priority.

The amazing font of the Aegean portrays the harmonious blend of Astipalaia’s tradition with the enchanting beauty of the setting and the discrete luxury of Melograno, thus, yielding to a rare palette of shades beautifully painted on a canvas.

Our Name

Melograno stands for pomegranate and connotes to the castle of the Chora of Astipalaia where during the religious celebrations of mid-August, the inhabitants of the island honor visitors in the shade of a Pomegranate tree for one of the most majestic and charitable feasts in Greece.

MelogranoVillas is the definition of relaxation and insouciance. Melograno signifies waking up in the privacy of my luxury Villa, signifies indulging in a breakfast at my balcony in the stunning views of one of the most beautiful island main towns – the Chora of Astipalaia – and in the company of the eternal blue waves of the Aegean.