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The «butterfly of the Aegean» introduces an affluent selection of images and an extensive alternation of landscapes to satisfy the aesthetic sense of every visitor. On the incomparable island of Astypalaia, you will come across with a variety of sandy or rocky beaches on small and undiscovered bays, hundreds of chapels, significant archaeological sites and a plethora of walking paths which lead to rare and “cherished” beauties.

Day-dreaming at the beaches

More than 60 beaches are available and accessible in Astypalaia, which will grant you with an endless choice of daily excursions. Discover as many as you can and allow their marvels to be imprinted in your minds and hearts forever. Pick and choose something different every day, whether you prefer to dive from high rocks or simply feel the caress of the soft sand between your toes. The constant alternation of sceneries will absolutely astonish you.

Authentic island experiences

At  Melograno Villas we are constantly looking for ways to offer you unique island experiences. Have you ever imagined that the fishermen of Astypalaia would happily share their “secrets of the trade”? Did you ever think that your own yacht can take you to the most secluded and pristine beaches of the island that will take your breath away? These are just a few of the magic moments that Melograno will share with you.

Discovering a virgin and pure land

Astypalaia’s visitors will feel an inner urge to discover and explore this unique island that is so virgin and pure. Untouched by the waves of commercialism and cherishing a vast array of beautiful spots, with every step you take and whichever path you follow, you are destined to see the Castle of Querini, the plethora of secluded beaches, the countless white and blue chapels and its well-hidden caves.

The Island’s Tasteful Delights

Bear in mind that the cuisine of the Dodecanese islands is among the most delicious in Greece! Especially in Astypalaia, do not omit to taste the locally produced cheeses, to buy and take back with you at home the famous “zafora” therapeutic herb and, of course, to indulge in an early dinner of lobster pasta in the company of the sunset or to take full nutritional advantage of the catch-of-the-day which will tantalize you with its scent of Aegean freshness.

Sailing in Astypalea

Rent a boat and discover Astypalea Island!