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If we would give a color to the Greek summer, that would be the color blue, like the sea that the island of Astipalaia was blessed with generously.

In selecting Villa Ble, you will indulge in 110 sq. meters of comfort. The 2 bedrooms and the spacious living room area are characterized by a traditional architectural styling in blend with the contemporary aesthetics of interior design. The beautiful surroundings are teamed with an array of additional comforts especially formulated for an unforgettable stay.

In Villa Ble the traditional furniture is colored in modern shades and is elegantly portrayed by the soft blue walls, perpetually accompanied by the affluent natural light which penetrates the interior spaces via the see-through ceiling at the kitchen.

In addition, the guest is lavished by a plethora of extra services, high-tech audiovisual systems and details of finesse designed by Philippe Starck (bathroom area) and Smeg (kitchen) that yield to a magnificent antithesis with the picturesque minimalist setting of the island.

Villa Ble offers a private exterior spa bath on the upper level, overlooking the stunning blue of the Aegean Sea. A view that is bound to sooth your senses and add ounces of joy to your stay in Astipalaia.