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All of the islands of the Dodecanese complex are beautiful and worthy of your visit. However, what makes Astipalaia so special is its shape of a butterfly and the fact that although it belongs to the Dodecanese it bears images of Cycladic landscapes, thus, bewildering the visitor with its particularly attractive characteristics.

Astipalaia island

The island of Astipalaia cherishes the sweetness of honey and it is an aristocratic destination captivating the visitor’s sight with Querini Castle at the top end of its main town that is visible from everywhere. Astipalaia flirts with both the Dodecanesean glamour and the Cycladic allure and it is this combination that distinguishes it from other neighboring islands. Its shores are caressed with turquoise waters, its countless chapels appear at every step and accompany your strolls, its whiter-than-white houses are tightly positioned one next to the other along the picturesque narrow alleys while its trademark – the blue and white church of Portaitissa – acquires the protagonist role at the highest point of the island, reminding us that the beauty of the Greek islands is and will forever remain unsurpassable.

The main town Chora

If the famous windmills with their bright red roofs that constitute the most characteristic image of the island will not suffice, then the island of Astipalaia has numerous other beauties to acquaint you with. An enormous selection of small picturesque villages, a choice of more than 60 beaches and small bays and countless paths for nature lovers that will lead you to the significant and historic spots of this blessed land.

Astipalaia is unique. It has its very own way of making you feel as if you have lived there all your life and will automatically place you in the local mode, being part of the village and enjoying – without suspension – the freshly baked homemade cheese pie with saffron, as a personal treat from the veteran cook granny and with ounces of genuine hospitality.